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Velvet Model Longboard Surfboard by HOT ROD SURF ®


Hot Rod Surf Velvet Longboard by Mark Whitney Mehran

Hot Rod Surf Velvet Model all around noserider. The Velvet is a specially shaped longboard that is maneuverable and easy to handle measuring in at 9’0 to 9’3 range. Versatile in all conditions the Velvet is a little shorter and narrower that the Tourmaline and Illuminator Models which can be advantageous in larger surf as well as being nimble on smaller summer and spring days. Upon special request The Velvet is also available in a ‘Classic’ longer retro shape reminiscent of longboards from the late 50’s and early 60’s with bigger rails, more belly, and maximized volume. The Velvet is a narrower and shorter range length noserider. Shaped by Mark Whitney Mehran

“The Velvet is a very surfer friendly thinned out noserider for smooth fast rides. “ ~ MWM

Available in two versions

Velvet - versatile and very maneuverable and manageable 9’0 noserider.

Velvet Classic – longer and beefier rails than the 9’0 version for a more nostalgic ride and easier wave catching with the extra length and thickness throughout. 10’ to 10’8 length

Special Custom order 3-4 weeks or call for in stock models