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Sunflower Performance Surfboard by HOT ROD SURF ®


HOT ROD SURF Sunflower Surfboard by Mark Whitney Mehran

The Sunflower Model is a versatile performance ‘shortboard.’ The Sunflower has a multi-fin set up so it can be tuned to the rider and spot as a quad, thruster or single fin and has a pintail for smooth in and out barrels and steeper breaks. Shaped by Mark Whitney Mehran.

“The Sunflower is shaped for hoisting in and out of barrels at reef and breach breaks and is very tunable depending on the spot and fin configuration. Run it as a quad first and tune from there. And there is enough volume in the deck allowing for more variations of foot placement and riding nuances.” ~ MWM

Special Custom order 6-8 weeks or call for in stock models