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HOT ROD SURF ® HOTRODSURF Standard Pinstriping Brush


HOT ROD SURF® presents this classic traditional brush for pinstriping your chopper, hot rod, or what ever else you want to give that kustom touch. This versatile brush is loaded with real Blue Squirrel Hair and features an easy to use wood dowel handle. Get your monster low brow art going in full effect with this traditional pinstriping brush!
Pinstriping Brush features:
• Genuine Hot Rod Surf ® Pinstriping Brush
• Made with real Blue Squirrel Hair
• Round wood Dowel Handle
• Bound Ferrel
• Measures approx 4 3/4" (2 1/2" handle and 2 1/4" brush hair
• Mounted to a Collectors Card
This brush is perfect for first time pinstripers, hot rod collectors, and pros who want to ad a new brush to their pinstriping box! Enjoy the new Standard Pinstriping Brush for traditional freehand motorcycle & hot rod pinstriping and monster art!......For the price everyone should give pinstriping a try!