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Sea Glider Surfboard Longboard by HOT ROD SURF ®


HOTRODSURF Sea Glider by Mark Whitney Mehran

The Sea Glider is shaped to glide into waves with the addition of a unique concave bottom and contoured rail allowing for more than just ‘point and shoot straight rides.’ The Sea Glider will turn and has enough wave release to do floaters. The narrower version can handle bigger surf for clean rides while still having that classic vintage single fin style and glide. Shaped by Mark Whitney Mehran

“My homage to pre rounded nose longboards. The Sea Glider glides into waves and turns like a dream. The Sea Glider is a great addition to any quiver; especially if you’re into retro styled shapes that work.” - MWM

Available in 10’2 and 10’8. Best reef and point breaks. Recommended Fin: Hot Rod Surf Sea Glider Fin or suitable 10 inch fin. The wider versions of the Sea Glider respond well to a shorter more flexible fin.

Special Custom order 6-8 weeks or call for in stock models