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Rumble Fish 6’0 Surfboard by HOT ROD SURF ®


HOT ROD SURF ® Rumble Fish Surfboard by MWM

“The Rumble Fish is a totally unique riding experience featuring a moon tail, hull bottom, with a four plus one set up to run whatever fin configuration matches your style. The Rumble Fish flows well in the pocket and stalls and accelerates for barrels and tube rides. We have been running the Rumble Fish as a quad at our local reef breaks and having a blast catching a variety of waves. One of the most unique features of the Rumble fish is the acceleration and control off the nose were almost all short boards decelerate with front foot forward movement. In many ways the Rumble Fish is a short board for longboarders who still like to making cheater 5’s but want to ride steeper more knarley breaks where longboards don’t work. The Rumble Fish is also a board that can be enjoyed by the everyday surfer who wants to catch more waves on a shorter board.” - Shaper Mark Whintey Mehran

Hot Rod Surf Rumble Fish Surfboard features full bodied rails with a unique hull bottom for snappy beach breaks and loads of fun.

Available in 6’0. Best at tight reef breaks and beach breaks like Mission Beach, a variey of La Jolla and North County San Diego reef breaks and just about anywhere. Recommended Fin: Hot Rod Surf Tripsonic quad set up or run it loose single with the High Flyer or comparable 6 inch fin. Shaped by Mark Whitney Mehran

Special Custom order 6-8 weeks or call for in stock models