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Illuminator 9’4” Surfboard by HOT ROD SURF ®


HOT ROD SURF Illuminator Longboard by Mark Whitney Mehran

Hot Rod Surf Illuminator 9’4” Longboard thinned out noserider with minimum rocker for maximum plaining and square tail for control. Single fin. Comes in three versions; Traditional Volan, Resin Tint White/Cherry Red, and White/Sunset Tan. Shaped by Mark Whitney Mehran

“The Illuminator is all about responsiveness and radical turns and noserides. The Illuminator is for advanced surfers who want maximum responsiveness and can appreciated the nuisances of a more advanced shape and superior construction. The wide stringer which provides a little less flex , and unique shape redirects all the power and energy back into the feet of the rider. The illuminator performs optimally in 3 ½ and up surf with optimal performance in the 4-6 foot range. One of my favorite shapes because it is 100% about responsiveness with various areas throughout the deck that accelerate and decelerate on demand.” - MWM

Special Custom order 6-8 weeks or call for in stock models