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Cosmic Flyer Surfboard by HOT ROD SURF ® – Fire Opal Orange


The HOTRODSURF ® Cosmic Flyer Surfboard is a solid all around longboard shaped to perform in smaller summer waves to larger winter surf with moderate rocker for superior paddling and wave catching. The nose is wide enough to hang 10 and narrow enough to drop into some steeper waves. The Cosmic Flyer is surfboard you can ride all year long and designed for our local San Diego reef and beach breaks. The Cosmic Flyer is a traditional single fin crafted for good times in the lineup. ~ MWM

Model- Cosmic Flyer Length - 9’6” Thickness - 3 1/4” Glass- Traditional Poly Glass & Resin Fire Opal Orange Double Resin Tint & Gloss

*Pick up only at Hot Rod Surf or authorized local surf shop