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HOT ROD SURF ® How To Basic Hot Rod Pinstriping Techniques with HOT ROD SURF by MWM - Book


San Diego artist and master mechanic MWM (Mark Whitney Mehran) walks you through all the designs and materials you need to start your own pinstriping adventure. MWM’s style is retro vintage hot rod which influenced the modern rat rod hot rod revival. This book was the first of its kind and breaks down all of the essentials to better understanding and designing traditional pinstriping art. This historical book for the first time let the general public have access to the tools and techniques used to lay down professional traditional styled pinstriping on hot rods and motorcycles.
"Pinstriping dates back as far as humans have made vehicles. Now you too can try your hand at the ancient art form of pinstriping. Basic Hot Rod Pinstriping Techniques with HOT ROD SURF gives you an inside look at the essentials of get started on your future wild pinstriping adventure. This book will guide you on the materials, hand techniques, and basic designs needed to stripe like the pros. Read this fabulous book, pick up the brush, and start striping! Find out if you have what it takes!" -MWM
• Artist MWM (Mark Whitney Mehran) takes you behind the scenes of traditional pinstriping design and application.
• Learn all of the essential secrets, tools, and design elements to make your own pinstriping art.
This book was the very first of its kind and influenced thousands and even started some careers. There is no extra nonsense in this book. It shows you exactly what you need and how to make your own professional classic pinstriping designs with a brush and paint.