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Hot Rod Surf ® HOTRODSURF presents Pinstriping Techniques Volume 2 - DVD Movie


The Hot Rod Surf Pinstriping Techniques Volume 2 movie is filled with just over an hour of classic freehand prinstriping from San Diego counter culture artist Mark Whitney Mehran (MWM) at the Hot Rod Surf garage in San Diego, CA.

"Pinstriping is a way to add some individual personalized style to anything mechanical. Classic freehand pinstriping dates as far back as Roman war chariots and wagons of the Old West. Modern classic pinstriping became popularized by Von Dutch, Ed Roth, and Jefferies in the 1950’s and 60’s as the all the hot rodders and bikers wanted their vehicles personalized with more customized style. The HOT ROD SURF pinstriping movie series opens up the sometimes mysterious world of classic freehand pinstriping so more people can get into it and enjoy the scene." -MWM

• See how to design various classic retro pinstriping designs for you car or motorcycle
• Running Time 1 hour 4 minutes
• For all audiences
• All original music soundtrack by The Green Leaf

Hot Rod Surf Pinstrinping Techniques Volume 2 Movie is a companion follow up to the popular Hot Rod Surf Learn How To Pinstripe! DVD, and the Basic Hot Rod Pinstriping Techniques with HOT ROD SURF book. Volume 2 is packed with more freehand pinstriping designs to inspire and motivate those who want a closer look into painting classic 1950’s style pinstriping.