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HOT ROD SURF ® ~ HOTRODSURF ~ D100 Dragster Surfboard ‘D’ Fin

$155.00 / Sold Out

Hot Rod Surf D100 Dragster Fin takes your board back in time where huge single D fin were all the rage.
Fits in most standard contemporary longboard fin boxes measureing approximately 9” inches tall and 12“ inches long with plenty of room to accommodate drill through leash loops. Due to variances in fin box designs and specifications it is recommended to use a rubber mallet to install in the proper location.
This is the first and only slotted boxed D fin design that actually lets you slide the fin all the way back to the tail just like the vintage boards we love so much. Fitting is variable since tail rockers are all different so the small gap at the end of the tail will vary from board to board. The D100 fins is what we call a ‘novelty’ fin that hums, sings, and vibrates just like the originals and are made for more fun than performance. For performance fins check out our Hot Rod Surf Woody Series Flex Fin and retro Psychedelic Fin Series.